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The Jason L. Dunham Memorial Scholarship Foundation provides financial assistance to Marines and/or Navy Corpsmen in their pursuit of higher education.

It is the intent of this Foundation to raise funding for the coming year 2008, which will enable us to award our first scholarship.

Individuals who apply for this award should be able to demonstrate the core values of leadership, service, sacrifice, and a sense of other that were the characteristics of Corporal Jason L. Dunham.

Criteria for consideration will be weighed according to the individual’s Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), character of service, and the nature and conduct of their service. The individual's academic ability will be a consideration, but shall not be the main point of focus for this award.

Interested parties will complete the Corporal Jason L. Dunham Memorial Scholarship application. Applications must be received by the established deadline prior to the academic school year.

Upon submission, all applications will be evaluated by three (3) Marines and two (2) Academics. Finalists will be interviewed by the Board of Directors of the Scholarship Foundation and an awardee(s) shall be selected.

*Although we are not currently accepting or reviewing scholarship applications, we suggest that you send us an email stating your interest in applying for the scholarship in the future. Please provide us with your full name, MOS, last rank held, and all your contact information; address, phone, and email.

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