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The Corporal Jason L. Dunham Scholarship Foundation has been established to honor Corporal Dunham's service and sacrifice, and to provide funding to those Marines and Corpsmen, who wish to pursue a college education at a nationally recognized and accredited institution of higher education. This scholarship will be in addition to, and supplemental to, any and all other monies received by the individual Marine or Corpsman.

The award is intended for those individuals who are presently serving on active duty, or have served in the United States Marine Corps, as well as individuals who are serving, or have served as a Naval Corpsmen with a FMF (Fleet Marine Force) designation assigned to a Marine Combat Arms section i.e., Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Individuals who apply for this award should be able to demonstrate the core values of leadership, service, sacrifice, and a sense of other that were the characteristics of Corporal Jason L. Dunham.

The highest rate of casualties in today’s Marine Corps comes from the combat arms section of the Corps, and overwhelmingly hold the rank of sergeant and below.  The Corpsmen who serve alongside these Marines have also been among those who have paid the highest price in terms of casualty and suffering.

These warriors are usually the ones who have the least available access to the system, and in large part are most likely those individuals with the least amount of formal education.  They are most likely to be the ones with a diminished amount of support and financial wherewithal to attain a college degree. It is the mission of the Corporal Jason L. Dunham Scholarship Foundation to help make a difference in that arena.


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